Muscles Monday: 7 Eating Habits You Should Drop Now

Happy Monday!

We all know exercise is super important. But, if we want to meet our fitness goals, nutrition is key.

Sure we know we have to create new habits like more fruits and vegetables. But, focusing on dropping unhealthy eating habits is equally (if not more) important.


In my one-on-one work with clients there is a dual focus: I help them adopt a healthy new eating regimen, but in order for new patterns to stick, we also have to zero in on unhealthy habits that tend to keep them stuck. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “I know what I need to do, but I just can’t seem to do it!” my bet is lingering detrimental habits are the culprit.

Here are seven that come up often, and why breaking them may just be the final solution to achieving weight-loss results that last!

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The trick to changing habits is starting small. So why not try and eliminate one of these habits from your lifestyle and build from there.

Which one are you committing to dropping? I'll start -- for me, its definitely overeating healthy foods! Who knew there was such a thing.  :)

Until next time!