Muscle Mondays: Yes, Your Joints Do Hurt More When It's Cold Out—Here’s Why

Happy Monday!

I hope you are staying warm! I don't remember our winters being this cold in a long time! And, some of you, like me, may have noticed you are experiencing some stiffness. 

Since I was little, I always heard that the weather can affect your joints.

And it's true! Read on to learn why.

Summary: Winter stiffness and achiness is something many people experience. Luckily, avoiding it is as easy as keeping yourself warm. That means warming up properly before working out and wearing appropriate clothing if you’re going to be outside. A proper warm-up and stretching will also help keep everything more limber—which is important to prevent stiffness from turning into an injury. “Joint pain alone doesn’t necessarily lead to injuries, but if the pain is caused by stiffness and you don’t address it and it gets worse, that can cause injury,” says Tehrany.

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So remember, warm up, cool down and practice daily stretching exercises always, but especially during these next few cold months for an effective workout and to limit the risk of injury!

Until next time!