Muscles Monday: Why Great Friends Are The Key To Resilience

Happy Monday!

Physical and mental health are all about community and connection.

With more and more research finding that our relationships, especially healthy friendships, play a very meaningful role in our well-being, it's important to make sure we place social support among our health priorities. 

Today's article explores this topic further and provides helpful tips on how to build and strengthen our friendships and relationships.

Summary: Resilience, or the ability to cope or adapt in stressful situations, has been shown to be an essential factor in overall mental and physical well-being. Those who are more resilient have better health outcomes, cope better with loss, and live longer. There are a ton of ways to build your resilience, but perhaps the single biggest contributor is friendship. Friendships are incredibly protective in many ways; in fact, women who experience stress will have a surge in oxytoxicin, which results in seeking the company of other women for support.

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