Muscles Mondays: 8 Lessons Learned from a Year of Lifestyle Change

Happy Monday!

I love to glean gems from each other's stories. They are great sources of inspiration and guidance for us as we push towards our goals. Today's article features eight awesome lessons following one man's year-long journey to produce long-term lifestyle changes.

Summary: Early in 2017, I issued myself a challenge: to live according to the rules outlined in the federal Dietary Guidelines and Physical Activity Guidelines for a full year. I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change, having reached a weight of 245 pounds on my 5’8” frame. I’ve always been a big guy, but I’d let my weight creep higher and higher over the years, and my body and quality of life had suffered the consequences. Looking back over the past year, I see plenty of ups and downs and lots of lessons learned. Here are eight key lessons I’d like to share:

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Ultimately, lifestyle change is about doing the best you can and reminding yourself that each step forward - big or small - is a step closer to creating changes that will last a lifetime. I hope you're proud!

Until next time!