Muscle Monday: Finish 2018 Strong!

Hi friends! I missed you!

It’s been a while since my last blog! It’s been quite a fruitful year. Some twist and turns, and I lost my voice for the first time in my life! But, through it all, I am grateful.

I — like many of you — started this year with many 2018 goals. Some are physical, others are professional, many are spiritual and others emotional. I made a lot of gains in many areas. Other areas not as much.

I’m not discouraged, however. As I look over the next three months and reassess my 2018 goals, I encourage myself with one of my favorite phrases, “It’s not over until its over.” 4th quarter is often when I get my second wind. Is that true for you too?

Below I found a helpful article on how to finish the year strong. It was written in 2012, but the tips are applicable today.

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Need extra accountability? Make sure to drop your 2018 goals in the comment section below. Then update us on your progress!

Let's go!

Nicole Kenney