My 2017 Kenya Missions Trip: Prayer, God's Power & Purpose

Jambo or Hello!

First, thank you to God and to each and every one of you for your words of encouragement, prayers, and support before, during and since returning from my missions trip to Kenya!

This was truly an amazing and life-transforming experience. In particular, I continue to be humbled by the miracles of prayer, am in even greater awe of God's power and more encouraged about my purpose.

I served with my church's (Christian Stronghold Baptist Church) missions' team alongside Pace Ministries in Nyahururu, Kenya. PACE has a Pan African Christian Exchange School that educates many children and teens displaced in Kenya and in other African countries.

Many students have lost their parents, been displaced by war, and suffered other forms of emotional and physical trauma.  PACE also serves older adults in the community and supports schools in the neighboring towns.

Special thanks to each of you who made donations. Whether it was toiletries, clothes, uniforms, glasses, shoes, financial support, etc, thank you, thank you, thank you. In fact, many of the recipients asked that I relay their heartfelt gratitude and they send blessings to you and your family for your kindness and generosity.

I wish I could tell you about everything we did while in Kenya ( but in the interest of time).

The highlights:

The community is amazing, talented and brilliant! From the children to the seniors, despite the profound and even at times heartbreaking hardships, their spirit is strong and their love for God is inspiring. I know I was sent to bless them. But they blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.

God blessed our team with many skills and talents to meet various needs. We provided medical care and assistance, counseling services, tutoring, haircuts, food, toiletries, shoes, bags, eyeglasses, and clothing to many of the students, teachers and community members. We taught students new praise/worship songs, praise dances, and a group of girls was even taught how to swim.  They were soo excited!

I taught a journalism class, an exercise class, led an all-girls workshop on life skills, coached the valedictorian and salutatorian of the 8th grade and 12 grade class (3 out of 4 which were girls btw...WHOOT) on how to deliver their graduation speeches, and was even the mistress of ceremony at PACE's graduation!!

Since I was little, my auntie always said, "It is a privilege to serve." I can now say I truly understand what that means.

Below is a photo slideshow. The background music is from a choir rehearsal there led by my amazingly gifted sis in Christ, Kanita Benson!

I ask that you continue to pray for the children, students, faculty, seniors and the leadership of PACE Ministries. Additionally, most students only are able to attend school due to the generosity of a sponsor. If you are interested in sponsoring a child and/or making a donation to the sustain the good work being done there, there is more information here:

P.S. Let's praise the Lord for being a protector and not allowing that baboon to eat me during the safari! 


Nicole Kenney